Supporting the initiation and nurturing
of emerging and experienced doulas.

Level 1

Doula Immersion

A 4-Day Intensive Immersion + 6 Month Mentorship
17-20 March, 2022, Online

A COMPREHENSIVE DOULA EDUCATION PROGRAM for those ready to step into doula work for the first time, professionals who already work with pregnancy in the pre- and post-natal period, and birth companions seeking nurturing and professional guidance.



Understanding Childbirth Physiology and Anatomy 

Experience-based Knowledge + Practice

Scientific Evidence on Common Birth Topics

Concepts of Pain Management and Pain Perception

Foundations of Hypnosis for Pregnancy & Birth

Breastfeeding + Postpartum Care

Overview of Birth Paradigms, Resources and Practical Skills

Bio-mechanics and Balance in Pregnancy and Birth


Essential Breathing: Lineages + Techniques

Hypnosis for Birth


Tuning Your Perceptions 

Activating Touch and Quiet Mind

Guidance on Your Own Intuition

Concepts of Tuning, Perception, Balance, Existence and Being Present

Useful practices to apply to pregnancy (e.g. amplifying vitality in the tissues, balancing anatomical structures, lightening breathing, calming the mind, establishing connection through touch between partners)


Understanding Foundations of Breathing


Self-Care Practices


Closing Ceremonies (references from the whole planet)

Prenatal Trust-building, Care and Connections

Guidance for holding sessions with pregnant and postpartum families

Narratives of Birth and Birth Work

Learning through real stories and experience

Holding Space for Loss and Celebration


Ethics, Equity and Evaluating Obstetric Biases

Autonomy and Responsibility at Birth

Intercultural Care References

Keys to Working With Diverse Populations

Representative Communication

Understanding Family Needs, Identities, and Structures

Defining The Doula Role

Practices and Discipline for Self-Development



Doula Community

How to Grow Trust Networks with Other Doulas and Care Providers

How to Establish Back-Up Doula Relationships

Establishing Your Doula Business

How to Interview Families

How to Position Your Practices Among Other Care Providers

How to Determine Rates

How to Draft Contracts

How to Represent Your Work in the Public Sphere/Market

Resources for Getting Started

Addressing Conflict with Diplomacy, Clarity, and Compassion

Contracts and Codes of Practice




6 Monthly Sessions

Debrief Births

Gather in Community

Troubleshoot Practical Questions

Exchange Stories and Resources

Support with Family (“Client”) Referrals

Practical Guidance in applying learned techniques and protocols


Evaluation Process

Participants choose a date to present an essay or presentation pertaining to a topic given at the end of the immersion.

All participants are encouraged to use mediums in which they are familiar and fluent to communicate. Multi-sensory methods are welcomed. This can include any form (e.g. written word, video/film, audio, art, textiles, song, ritual, storytelling, sculpture, academic argument, etc.)

Each participant will be encouraged to attend at least 3 births within the evaluation period. Each experience with a family will be debriefed with mentorship. Guidance connecting with families will be part of this process.

We facilitate learning that honors the birth companion as an embodied human being who can offer a quality of presence and enhanced perception for the care and well-being of those we serve.


Camalo Gaskin

doula, ritual guide, author
and lecturer on obstetric culture

Marcello Windolph

certified Fasciatherapist MDB,
perceptual educator


To register, please contact Camalo Gaskin at or fill out the form by clicking below. We schedule in-person (or online) informal interview, so that you can ask questions to know this pathway is right for you.

Enrollment Opens: March, 2022

Immersion Dates: 17-20 March, 2022

Mentorship + Evaluation Closes: September, 2022