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The Supernice Hands-On Personalized Birth Education And Baby-Welcoming Experience For Becoming Parents OR How To Get From Biomechanics And Physiology Through Touch And Presence And Arrive At Bonding.

Analog Or Online Personalized Parent Course  w/ Camalo & Marcello

This 6-OR 3-session course extends over the months of your pregnancy with the option for in-person or remote accompaniment during your labor and birth. It is intended to provide a hands-on experience for parents to learn useful aspects of the birth experience.

While the main focus is on bringing calm and ease to the mind and body through daily practices –– because every parent benefits from being aware of how their birthing body works or doesn’t work –– we do provide very useful and not-commonly-taught foundations in childbirth physiology, anatomy, bio-mechanics, medical approaches, proven comfort measures and a landscape of bodywork practices that help you develop stability and intimacy during the transformational journey from being a couple to being a family.

What you’ll learn:

– How babies are born
– How we move in labor
– What you need to know about resolving common discomforts in pregnancy and birth
– Relevant anatomy and bio-mechanics of pregnancy, labor, birth and newborn life
– How a balanced body translates into physical and psycho-emotional well-being
– Hands-on guidance by a pregnancy and birth experienced Fasciatherapist (MDB): techniques for partners to create the conditions for comfort and balance to the pregnant and birthing body and basic, but essential, techniques to rebalance the female pelvis and facilitate optimal fetal positioning
– How partner becomes a grounding and efficient hands-on labor-support
– Postnatal baby-mama bonding facilitation
– Active meditations to cope with stressful situations, including pregnancy anxieties, long labors, preparation for cesareans, fear of the unknown, etc.
– Access to ask questions about the lived experience of actually giving birth and approaches to make it a more optimal transition
– How to ask pertinent questions to your other care providers.

Together we will create the conditions for you to experience:

– Bonding with your partner
– Preparation that enables partners to feel confident, in preparing their body-mind for an optimal pregnancy, and in the event that they are left alone for longer periods of their labor with useful guidance to know when and how to move, touch and/or to *just be* during a labor
– Partners will experience a sense of informed ease, instead of insecurity when alone in pregnancy, in labor, and with their newborn

What you need:

– Set aside 3 hours (with a buffer for introductions and closing questions)
– Snacks and water to ensure pregnant partner feels steady
– Notebooks for capturing insights or questions
– Comfortable clothes
– Sofa & Cushions (or similar)
– Time to be present

If you are two, we guide you in going on a journey together, if you are alone in this we provide you with what you need in order for you to be as strong and connected as possible …together we create the conditions for a journey into an intimate experience.

What people say:

“Marcello and Camalo are a powerful team. The fascia session was deeply liberating. The treatment did not only help my body to let go of all the tension I had accumulated during the past pregnancy months, but it calmed my mind too. In addition, they taught my partner and I vitalizing practices to prepare for labor.”


“Camalo Gaskin is unique” 


“We went touching, breathing… We feel so much more confident and calm about birth because of this new experience with Marcello and Camalo. Yes, we feel empowered and connected as we so deeply desired it.” 


“I loved learning from Marcello and Camalo how to deepen my bodywork practice, which is so vital to my work as a midwife. Tools that I have used in isolation from each other were integrated into a greater more meaningful context.” 


“Camalo engages with birth at a global level in ways absolutely unique in the Berlin birth world. She allows the nuance in each birth story to be self-so. She approaches birth without fear or judgement. And she is dedicated to this work at a soul level.” 


“I think this information that Camalo is presenting is NEED TO KNOW info.” 


“Marcello’s guidance was a life-changing experience. I had experienced different bodywork techniques but his teaching was like an ‘aha’ moment. Everything made sense for the first time. I will take this with me not only into my doula practice, but in my life.” 


How it works:

  1. Book the appropriate 1-on-1 arrangement for you:
    1. Personalized pregnancy and birth preparation course
      1. 3-day intensive individualized sessions
      2. Intensive experience-based guidance for you and your partner into a deepening experience that includes education, resources, and practical protocols in pregnancy and labor-specific body work
      3. Each session provides guidance for birth partners and pregnant person that builds upon the previous session
    2. Personalized pregnancy and birth preparation course w/ on-call doula and fasciatherapy support
      1. 3-day intensive individualized sessions
      2. Intensive experience-based guidance for you and your partner into a deepening experience that includes education, resources, and practical protocols in pregnancy and labor-specific body work
      3. Each session provides guidance for birth partners and pregnant person that builds upon the previous session
      4. Access to 2 experienced guides throughout pregnancy and on-call period from + 38 weeks into pregnancy for questions and recommendations
      5. 24/7 remote or in-person doula service for guidance and emotional support throughout labor and birth.
  2. Choose session type: a) Online sessions b) In-home sessions
  3. Sign package agreement and make a payment transfer to initiate agreement to work together for the specified period.

*Pregnancy and Birth Preparation Course is also available in group sessions. Should you desire a special arrangement, please contact us to discuss possibilities.

About your guides:

Camalo Gaskin is co-director of the Center for Doula Pathways and an experienced doula  providing evidenced-based and intuitive guidance. She works intimately with each individual or couple to support them in making this transition one where they feel mindful, informed, and confident. She places focus on cultivating caring and empathetic relationships with the women and men she works with, while providing information and hands-on practices that enable them to feel autonomous, and advocated for, in making decisions that align with their broader needs and desires. Her interest is also in bringing both research and public awareness to practices that make childbirth and life with a newborn an optimal experience.

She was first called to birth work after giving birth alone with her partner in their home. This unexpected, yet transcendent experience left her with both new awareness and questions about labor, birth and newborn instincts. It also pointed to  assumptions about our anatomy, physiology, and obstetric culture and curriculum. 

Mentored by renowned surgeon and obstetrician Dr. Michel Odent, Camalo integrates her deepened understanding of childbirth physiology and long-term thinking into her teaching, doula guidance, and the intimate environments she co-creates with the parents she serves. Among other guides and colleagues she has exchanged closely with experienced doula Liliana Lammers, midwife and craniosacral therapist Debra McLaughlin, midwife and founder of Spinning Babies Gail Tully, and Indira Lopez-Bassols, specialist on the Alchemy of Connection.

Beyond the insights learned from accompanying many birthing individuals and families over the years, the studies that have shaped her practice include Paramana Course with Dr. Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers; Integral Touch of Birth (ITB) training with Debra McLaughlin, Adrienne Caldwell and Marcello Windolph, MAP (McLaughlin Assessment Protocol) training; Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator (SpBCPE) Training; Duke University Medical School, Cell Biology Department, Human Physiology Certificate of Distinction; Doula UK, Developing Doulas Certified Doula Training; Doula Course with Midwife Ina May Gaskin; Lactation Consultant Foundations Training with Indira Lopez-Bassols, IBCLC; Rebozo Manteada and Traditional Ceremonies for Pregnancy and Postpartum Training with Midwife and Obstetrician Dr. Norma Emilia Escalante Betancourt; University of New Mexico, Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine; Essential Breathing Teacher Training with Rakel Sosa; Herbal Medicine for Women with Dr. Aviva Romm (in-process), Pediatric Fasciatherapy Course with TMG, Workshop with Danis Bois, founder of Fasciatherapie MDB and Perceptive Pedagogy “Working with the states of mind”, and Fasciatherapie MDB course with Marcello Windolph, among others.

Camalo is a ritual guide, author and lecturer on obstetric culture. She has contributed to public discourse through speaking, teaching and writing at the Huffington Post, Tonic Magazine, Clue, Midwifery Today conference, Savvy Contemporary with German Foreign Office’s “Long Night of Ideas”, The Primal Continuum of Human Development (PCHD): Birth Keeper Summit at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., CUNY’s New York College of Technology, Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), and act as a partner and expert patron for All Our Mothers (AOM).


Marcello Windolph is a certified Perceptual Educator and Fasciatherapist MDB based in Berlin and Amsterdam. He is co-director of the Center for Doula Pathways, educating and mentoring doulas alongside Camalo Gaskin. His treatments with pregnant people and babies are welcomed in resolving malpositioning and discomforts in the body and for psycho-emotional well-being.

After having been invited to the 2016 Spinning Babies International Confluence as a workshop leader and keynote speaker Marcello co-created the ITB (Integral Touch of Birth) intensive training for pregnancy bodyworkers with Deb McLaughlin and Adrienne Caldwell. Marcello travelled and taught internationally with Gail Tully from Spinning Babies, Jenny Blyth and Fiona Hallinan from Birthwork Australia, and others.

In his birth-related work Marcello is currently teaching Fasciatherapy MDB and the Integral Touch of Birth intensive twice a year in Minnesota, USA.

Having come into contact with many forms of bodywork like yoga, different massage techniques, pilates, aikido, manual treatment modalities, acupuncture/pressure and different forms of chi kung, he experienced the unusually effective form of Xing Shen Zhuang in 2003 through which he successfully healed from various physical problems accumulated being a professional musician.

He devoted to the study and self research of this uncommon traditional taoist form of foundation training intensively with Prof. Wang Ting-Jun in Europe and in China.
In 2010 he became a student of Wang Liping, the 19th generation lineage holder of the ‘northern dragon-gate school of Taoism’ in north east China.

Under the guidance of Master Wang Liping, Marcello was introduced to new perceptions and a desire to use the developed capacity to support others in life emerged. The arts of healing and ‘developing perception’ became his passion and turned into his profession over the years.

Marcello’s therapeutic approach is based in western scientific methods as a student of Prof. Dr. Danis Bois (founder of Fasciatherapy MDB and Perceptual Education MDB). In the years assisting and learning with Prof. Dr. Danis Bois all experiences and trainings mentioned melted together and now inform the principles and methods that are the contents of Marcello’s teaching and therapeutic work. He has assisted the Perceptual Education MDB course at the University in Paris, France and the Fasciatherapy MDB course in Clermont-Ferrand, France.