A course for expectant parents, birth professionals, and anyone interested in the future of humanity.


This invigorating, globally praised course, is an essential basis for anyone interested in how we birth!

It is rich in descriptions of what makes birth normal — and what creates complications — backed up with scientific evidence, practical experience, anecdotes and love.


  “This course is profound. It’s the Future.”  

Fertility Expert & Nutritionist, Amsterdam

  “I’m sitting here bawling in tears at the airport. After this experience, I’m so deeply moved!”  


  “This experience was very inspiring.
Now we plan the second pregnancy with my husband.”  

Mother, russia



MOTHERS AND NEW PARENTS KNOW ODENT AND LAMMERS from the footnotes of nearly all their childbirth books and classes. They’re known for shifting focus to the rights and power of the birth giver, their work to shed our cultural fear of childbirth, and for their mindful way of listening and informing.


MIDWIVES KNOW ODENT as the lone surgeon and obstetrician who has, for decades, engaged eye-to-eye in the conferences, journals, festivals, and sacred spaces where midwives feel at home. As midwifery has morphed, they know him as a forecaster warning of practices that would render them servants to oft ineffective protocols, and instead shed light on practices that bring inspiration back to their work.


DOULAS KNOW ODENT AND LAMMERS as the avant garde voices that bridge the gap between critical thinking, applied science, intuition, and a drive to redeem the transcendent power of the birthing person–– and those who are called to serve them.
in a broken system, they are known to doulas for reinforcing the need of a type of care provider that acts on a calling, and whose greatest asset is the person’s essence. An essence that is protected by solely serving families, outside of the clinical hierarchies.

OBSTETRICIANS AND MATERNITY NURSES KNOW ODENT as the pioneering researcher who posed the questions, decades ahead of their latest protocol, that encouraged maternity clinics to dim the lights, install a birthing pool, reduce the chatter, hide the clocks, reduce neocortical activity, and make space for the spontaneous … the activation of the orgasmic function of birth and breastfeeding. Not only is he on the tongues of their patients, they know him for offering a futurist standard of practice with self-evident results.


VISIONARIES KNOW MICHEL ODENT for projecting his thinking not only to the next fiscal year. He is known for looking at the implications of our practices on the next 5 to 50 generations. He is known for looking beyond obstetrics and midwifery, into epigenetics and evolutionary science, to point to how these fields should concern themselves not only with the individual baby, but with the future of humanity.

“The experience gained in the seminar turned my clinical medical thinking.

Despite the fact that I have specialized in psychology, and have experience of home birth (solo), I still had a distrust of human nature in childbirth, feeling that a strict control is necessary, and suddenly this course!

Michel Odent’s experience, as a doctor, based on purely scientific research, together with the experience of Liliana Lammers, a woman who experiences intuition, convincingly and with authority demonstrate a new approach to childbirth.”

  Psychotherapist, Belarus  

“To call Michel Odent a visionary is something of an understatement.

The immense impact he has had on the world is only now beginning to be broadly recognized. He is a trained and well respected researcher and obstetrician who brought us the birthing pool, for which women everywhere, from Bali to Boston, are thankful. From interior design of hospital rooms, to mom blog trends, to research in immunology and bacteriology, his work makes global waves.”

  Midwife, New York City  

“These talks were interesting and exceptionally inspiring.

Michel Odent posed the question: Whether women could lose or unlearn their ability to birth naturally, and why this can occur. All of his thinking originated from nearly a half-century of research and investigation and always integrated in his nearly philosophical responses to the evolution of humankind.

It is remarkable to have come across his work mostly surrounded by professionals in the field, this is a speaker who belongs on the world stage, accessible to all of us.”

  National Radio Journalist, Deutschland Radio Kultur   

What You’ll Learn:


Is there a new paradigm for how we look at childbirth? Why is childbirth is a voluntary physiological process?
How does the environment of clinics effect birth? What are the consequences of pain management? AND MORE…


What is the essential information care providers should have before supporting a birth? Are midwives also doulas and why are midwives different than doctors? can midwifery be altered by clinical environments? Will doulas’ effectiveness change if they are regulated by clinics rather than advocates for families? AND MORE…


What is the essential information parents should have before giving birth? how does your body support normal physiological birth? What is the effect of defining a due date? What are some of the mechanisms that initiate labor? AND MORE…



– How the neocortex hinders biological functions

– The effect of language, lighting, observation on a birthing person

– The importance of the bacterial environment

– The implications of Cesareans

– How to protect the baby’s immune system



– Consequences of pain management

– What is a due date

– Mechanisms that initiate labor

– The Apple Tree Analogy

– The effects of laughing gas



– Protocols, rights, responsibilities of a doula

– When should a doula stay with a birthing person

– Distraction as a method of pain management

– The effects of training

– What’s important even with Hypnobirthing



– Support twin births

– Talking to families about Home Blirth

– Discussing loss and trauma

– Models for offering services for compensation



– Practical Doula Practice

– Processing loss

– Addressing medical norms



– The Importance of Melatonin – the darkness hormone

– The effects of controlling nature

– To review childbirth in the longterm context

– The effects of the word “coaching”

– Why cultural conditioning requires a paradigm shift

– How we came upon the scientific discovery that a baby needs its mothers



– A personal story of birth

– The synergy of Liliana and Michel

– What does it mean to be a doula



– The challenges of due dates and inductions

– The effects of being over-informed

– Tools for addressing cultural myths and influence

– Healing after birth trauma

– Practical differences between care providers at home and hospitals

– The importance of experience with normal birth



– Importance of the Microbiome

– Addressing shoulder dystocia

– Understanding Fetal Ejection Reflex

– Original Models of Midwifery

– Impact of language and using mother tongue in birth environment

– Effects of Early Placenta Cord Clamping and Lotus Birth



-Can the pattern of multigenerational cesarean section be broken?

– Shifting from short term to long term thinking

– Cesareans in general

– Obstetrical practices reflect thinking of entire society

– Eating the Placenta

– Ape Aquatic Hypothesis: the importance of human’s similarity to sea mammals

– On Love

– Closing Song

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  “It was a fantastic course! I hope to see something of this magnitude again.”  


  “Dr. Odent and Liliana Lammers really know and acknowledge where the real power in birth lies: within the mother!”  


 “I already feel that this course has changed me and shifted my perspective from where it was before.”  



This rare course is led by Dr. Michel odent and liliana Lammers – a legend in the field of obstetrics and primal health and one of the most sought- after and respected doulas in the world, both committed to care practice centered on birth-givers’ power and basic needs.

ONE OF THE MOST AVANT-GARDE THINKERS OF OUR TIME in regard to how humans are born, Michel Odent is one of the most referenced and respected authorities on modern obstetrics. Through his expertise in reproductive physiology, he has defined a scientific framework for preserving the safety of normal birth. His body of work dispels the prevalent assumption that medical advancement in childbirth is synonymous with increased interventions.

HE HAS WITNESSED OVER 16,000 BIRTHS, and began his career heading the surgical and maternity units at the Pithiviers (France) state hospital from 1962-1985, a pioneering clinic in home-like environments. He was one of the first surgeons in the world to perfect the modern cesarean, before going on to examine its long- term implications.

THIS IS A TIME IN THE U.S. WHEN HE WAS ESTABLISHED AS A NECESSARY PRESENCES IN JOURNALS AND CONFERENCES addressing not only obstetrics, but also midwifery. Rethinking the care dynamics and protocols impacting basic needs during childbirth, he initiated the founding of Doula UK.

MICHEL ODENT IS THE AUTHOR OF THE FIRST ARTICLE IN MEDICAL LITERATURE ABOUT THE INITIATION OF LACTATION DURING THE HOUR FOLLOWING BIRTH (1977), the first article about the use of birthing pools (Lancet 1983), and the first article applying the “Gate Control Theory of Pain” to obstetrics (1975). He is the creator of the Primal Health Research Database, the first resource archive for randomized control trials published on the long- term impacts of care during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

HE IS THE AUTHOR OF MORE THAN 15 BOOKS, published in 23 languages, and the co-author of six academic books.


This course empowers parents with a full understanding of why and how their bodies are designed to give birth, and what happens when they are disturbed. for care providers this course illuminates the essential keys to better birth outcomes.

LILIANA LAMMERS IS AN EXPERIENCED DOULA serving hundreds of families in a diversity of environments, a mother of four and grandmother, she has guided thousands of doulas, midwives, and doctors and masterfully mirrors how the essence of the care provider is key.

USING THE ART OF STORYTELLING, SHE GUIDES BOTH BIRTH-GIVERS AND THEIR CARE PROVIDERS to develop a practice for following innate cues. Care providers and expectant parents around the world have sought out her guidance on releasing anxiety and applying mindfulness and ease to the birthing environment.

MAKING APPLICABLE THE SCIENTIFIC QUESTIONS POSED THROUGHOUT THE COURSE, Liliana Lammers uses humor and anecdotes from her rich experience to exemplify how we unlearn subtle and exaggerated tendencies that have long disturbed birth. Her practice acknowledges the need to return the focus to the birth-giver, making the doula role necessarily fall outside of the standardized structures of care providers.


Together, Michel odent and Liliana Lammers deliver a renewed approach to childbirth steeped in both original research on childbirth physiology and genuine compassion.

Essentially, this course gives all of the participants an opportunity to understand the impact of their role and how it can better serve to meet the real basics needs of the birthing person.

“Dr. Odent’s focus on what I would call ‘A Minimalism of Birth’…

…directly opposes a health industry that is making untold sums of money on (artificially) medically constructed, disturbed and assisted births.”

  Parent, Author, Lecturer In Gender Studies, Cultural Historian   

“The biggest insights for me was the concept of undisturbed birth and the fetus ejection reflex…

This concept is so different from what I learnt in my doula training even. Much more radical and it makes much more sense!”

  Doula, Mother, Australia  

“It’s find it very important that our original women’s knowledge and healing is passed on and not lost…

I loved to see Michel Odent and hear his stories about what obstetrics was like many years ago – only people with deep experience can do that.”

  Midwife, Austria   

“I found these words and emotions life changing, really.

My perspective on motherhood, pregnancy and birth changed greatly, and I understood the vast impact they have on an individual. Meeting such strong and fascinating personalities of Dr Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers inspired me to pursue my interests in the field of birth-related issues. Very important, I felt, was how we were all together mingling and interacting with each other, no matter how professional we were in the field. The atmosphere was so very welcoming towards everyone!”

  High School Student, Moscow And Berlin  

“Listening to Michel Odent speak was absolutely pivotal not only to my perception as a surgeon, but to my personal experience with the birth of my first child.

Exposure to the questions he raised within a serious scientific framework has influenced me profoundly in how I understand that childbirth, in fact, does not have to be a dangerous life event. A deeply rooted assumption, not because of evidence or scientific logic, but because of habit. He framed childbirth in such a scientifically sound and sensible way that I began to question why childbirth may require another environment than a medical setting–much of the time This lecture has given me confidence in understanding birth – and understanding my wife!

  Surgeon, Father, Germany   

“The first three months I worked in the delivery room of a hospital, witnessing many births…

I often had the feeling that birth here is rather a disease and bureaucratic hurdle, and comes with a lot of pain, fear, suffering – and C-Sections. Thanks to the inspiring contributions of Michel and Liliana, I was able to seriously consider natural, gentle, positively associated birth for the first time I have become curious, I feel I salvaged myself in a subtle way and trust myself that I do not want to be watched, instructed, but just to find people who will protect my space.

  Medical Student, Germany  

The content of this program is for educational purposes only, it is not personalized medical advice or diagnosis. We assume all program participants and viewers will responsibly evaluate their own personal needs and circumstances in making informed decisions about their own practice or health care.

PURCHASING THIS PROGRAM WILL HELP SUPPORT THE PRIMAL HEALTH RESEARCH DATABASE CHARITY, a free resource, and the first archive for randomized control trial studies exploring correlations between the ‘primal period’ (fetal life, perinatal period and year following birth) and health and personality traits in later life, founded by Dr. Michel Odent.

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